Sustainable Cities and Communities

NIS ilustracija

Illustration author:

Nikola Korać

Community development is in the base of all our socially responsible programs. While building “Future at Work” in coordination and agreement with our friends and partners all over Serbia, our priority remains investment in the youth, and our efforts to help them fulfill their potentials in their own country. Therefore we devotedly work on the construction of children parks, reconstruction of kindergartens and schools, equipping maternity wards and hospitals, improving educational requirements, culture, art and sports development.

Since 2009, we have invested, through our program: “Common Cause Community” merely, more than EUR 10 million and implemented over 950 projects in 12 partner municipalities and cities in Serbia. We are proud of the fact that we have supported the construction, renovation and furnishing of 37 children hospitals and health centers, 77 playgrounds and parks, 12 laboratories, 4 museums, 4 theaters and 14 maternity wards.

For this reason, “Common Cause Community” is not only a corporate program – for us, it is a possibility to give essential contribution to improving the lives of our fellow citizens and to meet the growing needs of the community. Children’s smiles that welcome us all across Serbia are our greatest reward, but also a strong motive to continue to move down the road we started 12 years ago.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 12 selected objectives, formulated by the UN, that we are striving to attain, are represented in the young artists’ illustrations.

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