Volunteer Club

The Club's volunteer activities are centred on the needs of society, especially citizens in the local communities in which the company operates the most, with the idea of ensuring good cooperation and a positive atmosphere through mutual understanding and giving.

  • 2018

    In the year the Volunteer Club was founded, the implemented volunteer activities were focused on various target groups, initiatives and goals.

    As a consequence, our employees provided support to many environmental initiatives and get involved in the clearing of the picnic area in Fruška gora, removal of waste from the banks of Tamis River, cleaning of the perimeter of the Petrovaradin Fortress and the development of Ada Huja. 

    To celebrate the centenary of the end of World World I and 180 years of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Russian Federation, a large number of volunteers were organised to restore the Russian Ossuary on the Russian Necropolis in Belgrade. The action was carried out in cooperation with the Russian House and the Dependency of the Russian Church in Serbia.

    During 2018, the members of the Volunteer Club continued to provide support to the association “Give a Cap, Get a Smile”, by collecting plastic caps for containers in the company’s Business Centers. Having in mind that the plastic caps were transported for recycling, whereas the funds obtained in that way were used for humanitarian purposes, the employees participated in this activity to help procure various walking aids that would make the lives of young people with disabilities a bit easier. 

    As children are always the focal point of corporate social responsibility in NIS, volunteers spent one day with the protégés of the Institution for Children and Youth in Sremčica, to help them arrange their yard, sports courts and paint the building’s facade wall. 

    In an effort not to neglect the socially deprived citizens, we collected clothing for them, while our volunteers, led by a famous street artist, demonstrated their artistic spirit by participating in the action of painting a mural inside the building of the Institute for Mother and Child “Dr Vukan Čupić”, and a mural on the wall of a NIS petrol station in New Belgrade.

    As a part of the traditional campaign for raising New Year’s gift baskets in 2018, the children being treated at the Studenica General Hospital in Kraljevo and the Clinical Center in Niš, as well as the protégés of the SOS Children’s Village in Kraljevo were delighted to receive these presents from the volunteers.

  • 2019

    The most wonderful way to start a year is by giving to others, and we started the year 2019 with the campaign “1000 gift baskets for 1000 children’s smiles”. As a part of this campaign, the volunteers spent time with and presented the gifts baskets to the children from the Children Are the World’s Pearl Association, whose activities are aimed at improving the living conditions of the children and the youth with developmental or other disabilities who are placed in foster homes. 

    To improve the conditions for children being treated at the Dr Vukan Čupić Mother and Child Institute during their stay at the hospital, the volunteers painted the emergency reception room, decorated the pre-operative unit and the operation theatre area, wishing to divert and relax the youngest patients with the variegated and dynamic wallpaper designs.  

    Staying true to its determination to be involved in the ecological initiatives, members of the Volunteer Club took part in the development of green spaces on the central children’s playground in Kikinda and the activity for “Newer, Greener Novi Sad”. The NIS Company and its volunteers received recognition for their engagement in the program conducted by the Provincial Government “Cleaner and Greener Schools in Vojvodina”. Under this program, the volunteers and the students of the Primary and Secondary School for Children with Special Needs “9. maj” in Zrenjanin organised and painted a sports court, while the students of Dušan Vasiljev High School from Kikinda gave a lecture on ecology and waste management.

    Motivated by a noble goal to preserve the environment, the volunteers continued to support the “Give a Cap, Get a Smile Campaign”, providing the opportunity for the consumers to join the plastic cap collection campaign, by disposing of them in designated boxes placed in petrol stations.

    Bearing in mind that the activities of the Volunteer Club often stem from the initiatives of employees working in different organisational units of the company, their potential was revealed in 2019 during the implementation of the internal volunteer competition ”Improve! Teach! Spread Joy!“. The competition was centred on encouraging volunteers, as project owners, to act independently in creating concepts, forming teams and implementing project activities. The value of this competition was recognized by the professional community and thus our company was awarded the National Volunteer Award in the category “Breakthrough of the Year” for 2019, traditionally awarded by the Responsible Business Forum and Smart Collective. 

    Members of the Volunteer Club, divided into teams, participated in the big autumnal cleaning campaign in the Botanical Garden “Jevremovac”. Besides collecting fallen branches and leaves, the volunteers and the employees of the Botanical Garden and the Institute of Botany were involved in the preparation of a substrate for laying divots for the children’s playground.

    To bring new additions to the library of the famous Aleksinac High School, one of the oldest high schools in the country, members of the Volunteer Club collected textbooks and expert literature in the Russian language. A large number of employees responded to the invitation from the volunteers and got involved to secure as many books and manuals as possible, which thrilled the students of the Serbian-Russian Department of this educational institution.

    More than 300 of our employees from different areas of the country joined Nurdor’s big action “Take a step” through an application specially designed to convert steps into monetary donations. With the company’s CEO at their head, the volunteers took a symbolic walk, from the company’s Business Center in New Belgrade to the University Children’s Clinic, to raise funds for the construction of a new Parents’ House in Belgrade intended to accommodate parents and children for their stay during treatment.

    The year 2019 was closed with a traditional campaign – packing the New Year’s gift baskets, the activity that gathered the senior management of our company and both players and management of the Basketball Club Partizan. This time, the sweet gift baskets were donated to the children residing in the social protection institutions “Kolevka” in Subotica, “Spomenak” in Pančevo, “Jefimija” in Kruševac, “Stanko Paunović” in Negotin and “Duško Radović” in Niš.

  • 2020

    The spirit of volunteerism of our colleagues dwarfed the challenges we were faced with as a society with the arrival of the COVID-19. In the year the epidemic resulted in the declaration of the state of emergency, our employees earned more than 2000 volunteer hours. The activities of the Volunteer Club members during the emergency demonstrated that solidarity and empathy are basic emotions that drive people to provide assistance and support.

    Complying with all anti-epidemic measures, the Volunteer Club’s Caravan visited healthcare facilities in Pančevo, Niš, Kanjiža, Novi Bečej, Požarevac, Srbobran, Kikinda, Žitište, Čačak and Zrenjanin, which received valuable medical equipment under the previously implemented Together for the Community Program. After the delivery of NIS donations: ambulances, dental chairs, ophthalmic and ultrasound devices and many other pieces of equipment, volunteers visited healthcare facilities and renovated the rooms and exterior by painting walls, windows and doors, installing wall decorations and window foils, and carried out the soft landscaping of the courtyard and the entrance to the facility.

    The Volunteer Club’s activities were also oriented towards supporting the most vulnerable categories of the population, i.e. seniors older than 65, who needed help with various daily chores during the state of emergency. Volunteers also put to use their skills and equipment and, during the state of emergency, they produced cotton face masks for the general population and face shields for health workers. Our colleagues from the Kikinda Fire Brigade actively contributed to the prevention of the spread of the epidemic by getting involved in the campaign organised to disinfect the city’s public spaces. 

    Supported by the company’s top management, which gladly and ever more frequently takes an active part in volunteer actions, a campaign was organised to carry out the packing and delivery of “Jazak” bottled water to Covid hospitals in Belgrade and Zrenjanin, considering the great demand for fresh water supplies both for patients and health workers, and  to vulnerable municipalities of Ivanjica and Blace, both greatly affected by the devastating floods that left them without the drinking water.

    Despite the challenging circumstances, aware of the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate the holidays surrounded by family members, our employees kept on the tradition of impersonating Santa Clause’s helpers. In 2020, the New Year’s gift baskets were collected for donation to children in shelters in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Kragujevac.

  • 2021

    In 2021, we have continued our volunteer activities with the desire to give our contribution to the resolution of issues that bear greater importance for society. Accordingly, we will continue to collect timely information on the conditions and needs of local communities to direct our resources to those who need assistance the most.