About the "Common cause Community" Program

We launched Common cause Community programme in 2009 in a bid to boost the development of the local communities, where we operate, thus paying our due to their population.

We take pride in the general visibility of our projects – landscaped parks adorning cities across Serbia, new children’s playgrounds, sports grounds for current and future champions of our country, renovated and equipped classrooms and laboratories in schools for generations to come, numerous beautiful facades, reconstructed kindergartens, numerous projects that have contributed to the environmental protection and preservation, modern medical devices in healthcare facilities.

“The real value of a company’s successful operation is in its investment in the future and the community where it operates and exists. In addition to its successful business, NIS is a good corporate citizen, close neighbour and a friend. Common cause Community programme contributes to the development of Serbia’s municipalities, towns and cities. We take a great pride in witnessing our long-devised ideas and projects coming true to benefit their dwellers. I am confident that new challenges as well as great success is in store for us. Investing in the community is our strategy mainstay. Every step in its progress brings us a step closer to our objectives, because we work together – for the community”.

Kirill Tyurdenev