Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

NIS only uses water from the least sensitive sources. Wastewater is cleaned to achieve a set standard and water treatment processes are constantly improving.

Considering that the significant use of water resources is necessary for the production processes, fire protection, cooling, water testing, water bottling, washing of vehicles and equipment, watering and sanitary needs, NIS takes 84% of the water it needs from the least sensitive source – surface water. In this way the company proves its responsible attitude towards water resources and contributes to the saving of water intended for public water supply.

NIS pays great attention to wastewater treatment, especially considering that a number of facilities discharge treated wastewater into waterways. We protect the public sewage systems and final consumers by bringing (ensuring that the water meets the legally required quality level) the water up to the legally required quality level. Oil-contaminated wastewater and atmospheric water could pose a real risk for recipient bodies, so the company makes sure all water is properly treated. As a responsible water user, in 2022 NIS continued the construction and modernization of wastewater treatment facilities. The company currently operates 408 such facilities.

The company regularly monitors the quality of treated wastewater and groundwater to make sure the treatment process is efficient and meets the applicable regulations, and process activities have minimal impact on soil and groundwater. In 2022, the company installed 15 new separators and 23 pressure gauges.

The largest water consumer and emitter out of all NIS facilities is the Pancevo Refinery. The total volume of water withdrawn in 2022 was 20% higher YoY as a consequence of a higher volume of refining. The refinery withdraws 0,95 million cubic meter of water per a million tons of processed oil and emits 0,44 million cubic meters, which is in line with the BREF standard.

One of the company’s accompanying activities is bottling and sale of potable water from the Jazak spring. The high-quality mineral-rich spring water originates from one of the purest natural water springs on Fruška Gora, located near Jazak Monastery in Vojvodina. It is produced according to the most stringent technological, industrial, and safety standards in this segment.