Focuses of NIS in 2023

Despite the challenging circumstances and volatility on the market, NIS will continue with achieving its set goals in 2023, which are, above all, the orderly supply of domestic consumers with all types of fuel, contribution to the energy stability of the Republic of Serbia, the implementation of development projects and the preservation of the social stability of employees.

According to the Business Plan for 2023, NIS plans to implement an ambitious investment program worth more than 49 billion dinars in the current year. The investment portfolio of NIS is aimed at achieving the main strategic goals and covers development plans that should ensure the efficiency and long-term stability of the company.

Regardless of new and old challenges, investments will continue in development projects in all business segments. Most of the funds, as in previous years, will be allocated to the segment of exploration and production of oil and gas.

Of the concrete projects in that area, NIS will continue with the development of oil and gas fields in Serbia, as well as its assets in the region. One of the priorities will continue to be the field of oil refining, where it is of strategic importance to continue the preparation of the third phase of the upgrade of Pančevo Oil Refinery, i.e., activities on the upcoming reconstruction of the unit for catalytic cracking (FCC) and the construction of a new ETBE plant (high-octane gasoline components). In addition, the plan includes the reconstruction of the industrial track in Pančevo Oil Refinery, the implementation of digital projects, as well as the improvement of energy efficiency.

When it comes to Sales and Distribution, the modernization and development of the retail network will continue, so the construction and reconstruction of nine petrol stations is planned only in 2023. In addition, NIS will continue to improve the portfolio of digital projects that provide consumers with the best experience in line with the latest trends in retail. Also, the plan is to implement a strategic project for the reconstruction and upgrade of the petroleum products warehouse.

Bearing in mind the priority of the energy transition in Serbia, NIS plans to implement a number of projects in the field of energy. The focus will be on the further development of electricity production and trade. The plan is also to implement projects in the field of renewable energy sources, primarily the continuation of the installation of solar panels at the company’s locations. In addition, NIS will continue with the utilization of CO2, as well as with the development of the wind park project.

Further synergy with Petrohemija, strengthening of energy efficiency, as well as the continuation of digitalization at all levels of the company remain among the priorities. NIS remains equally committed to projects for the improvement of environmental protection and occupational safety.

In addition, NIS is determined to continue contributing to community development in Serbia. Since 2009, more than 4.2 billion dinars have been invested in socially responsible projects, and NIS will continue to be a reliable partner for the citizens of Serbia in this area.