Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

NIS Bratislav Milenković ilustracija

Illustration author:

Bratislav Milenković

Modern infrastructure, advanced technology and innovations in all business segments are the footing of our further development in the time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Following modern trends, we have initiated the process of digital transformation, which also includes projects based on the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, metadata processing.

Simultaneously, we want to improve the communication with our clients and allow them a unique customer experience. 19 different projects in all business areas are in their implementation stage. Their implementation will empower our operators in the Refinery to train themselves in real conditions and at the plants that are only under construction; employees on oilfields to reach new oil and gas reserves, while we endeavor to provide easyer and faster payment to the users of our services.

We firmly believe that a man is in the center of each process and that digitalization is no exception. Therefore, we thrive to offer to our employees the chance to work with modern equipment and on the development of new technologies. We perceive digitalization also as an opportunity to attract, from the labor market, the young people who are ready to turn these challenges into new business success stories.



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Sustainable Development Goals

The 12 selected objectives, formulated by the UN, that we are striving to attain, are represented in the young artists’ illustrations.

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