Good health

Ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being for all at all ages.

In 2022, NIS supported a total of 40 health institutions in more than 30 cities and municipalities in our country.

Investment in reproductive health and support to birth rate increase

Since long-term investment in health is a quality basis for future generations, in accordance with the guiding idea of the company “Future in Action”, in 2022, NIS dedicated itself to the area of reproductive health and birth support as a part of the “Together to the Community” program. Funds in the amount of RSD 118,5 million were invested in the implementation of 22 projects that are implemented in 13 partner cities and municipalities: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Pančevo, Požarevac, Kikinda, Zrenjanin, Kanjiža, Srbobran, Žitište, Novi Bečej and Veliko Gradište.

The selected projects are aimed at equipping health institutions at all levels of health care that deal with reproductive health, for the purpose of timely diagnosis and treatment, which directly contributes to the increase in the birth rate. The funds were donated to the supported institutions for the purchase of state-of-the-art ultrasound devices, CTG devices, equipment for embryological laboratories, equipment for surgical interventions, gynaecological tables and chairs intended for people with disabilities, as well as incubators for prematurely born babies. The company also provided financing to some local governments so that they can subsidize the in-vitro fertilization process for couples.

The fact that this year’s program Common Cause Community was implemented under the slogan “Let new hopes be born” shows that NIS is fully (aligned with the national priority) committed to the topic, which is a national priority. In continuation of the campaign by the same name, the company has also provided support to maternity hospitals in less developed municipalities in the south and east of Serbia, by providing funds for the purchase of necessary medical equipment for eight maternity hospitals.

As New Year’s holidays are the right time for giving, the peak of the campaign Let New Hopes be Born was the donation of 225 gift packages for first-born babies in 2023 in 15 maternity hospitals across Serbia. Gift packages containing essentials from domestic producers were given out to 15 first-born babies each in maternity hospitals in Vranje, Zaječar, Leskovac, Kruševac, Bor, Ćuprija, Paraćin, Knjaževac, Sremska Mitrovica, Užice, Pirot, Loznica, Šabac, Vršac and Valjevo. A great contribution to this holiday campaign was made by the members of the NIS Volunteer Club, who donated disposable diapers to add to the contents of the package provided by the company, and made sure the gift packages were delivered to the selected maternity hospitals on time.

Thus, during the campaign Let New Hopes be Born in 2022, NIS supported the total of 40 health institutions in more than 30 cities and municipalities in our country. This campaign received the award for the best socially responsible campaign from the Diplomacy&Commerce magazine.

Donation of Jazak water to the Batajnica COVID hospital

To aid patients and medical staff, NIS donated 10,000 liters of Jazak mineral water to the COVID hospital in Batajnica.

This donation is part of the long-term support the company provides to healthcare institutions across Serbia since the beginning of the pandemic.

Humanity at Work

The employees of the Company also showed their compassion by participating in voluntary blood donation campaigns organized since the previous year under the auspices of the newly founded of NIS Voluntary Blood Donors Club. During the eight campaigns the volunteers donated the total of 300 units of blood, which provided a significant contribution to the creation of stable reserves of blood and blood components in blood transfusion units.

Care for Health of Employees

The beginning of 2022 was still characterised by a substantial number of COVID-19 cases. In this period, the company continuously updated the “Instruction for SARS-CoV2 Procedure for Line Managers, HSE Specialists and Employees” to comply with the applicable changes in statutory regulations, create new procedure algorithms and measures to prevent the spread of the infectious disease. To boost collective immunity, in spring the company organised voluntary vaccination of employees and their families’ members.

In 2022 NIS updated its regulations covering the process of medical examinations of employees, introducing changes to the mandatory minimal scope of medical examination and strengthening the measures for protection of personal data and confidential documentation. NIS started digitalizing the process of organising medical examinations, particularly for high-risk jobs, to improve monitoring of deadlines for provision of medical examinations.

Throughout the year NIS held several educational campaigns, spreading information on different relevant health-related topics through the corporate portal and bulletin boards and at meetings and seminars.

Corporate healthcare and team building

In 2022, NIS organized four programs to help employees improve their health, build healthy habits, and strengthen teamwork. The programs complement each other and are aimed both at healthcare, and at team building.

  1. One of the programs was to help employee analyse their lifestyle and build healthy habits. Over 1900 employees attended appointments with healthcare professionals in eight towns to discuss their lifestyle and habits, assess current fitness level, and receive advice for improvement.

  2. Following the fitness recommendations employees can choose between 11 sporting activities available at different locations in 17 towns, or opt for online workout program offered by the Kocovic Sports Academy. The online training option attracted over 1.500 employees.

  3. Sports teams of NIS employees participate in competitions across Serbia with great results. Our teams won medals and awards in various competitions of 8 corporate sports leagues in Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Novi Sad, and Sabac.

  4. Last year’s annual NIS Sports Games gathered over 300 amateur athletes from all parts of the company. Eight teams of female and male athletes of all ages competed in 11 sporting events.

    These programs attracted the total of 2.740 employees, which is 50% higher than forecast and 12% more than in 2019 (2019 is used for comparison due to the COVID pandemic in the two following years).

    After a two-year break NIS resumed cooperation with recreational sports facilities in over 70 towns of Serbia to provide sponsored memberships to employees. On average, employees attend trainings seven times per month. Apart from improving fitness and health of employees this program also supports local businesses in Serbia.