NIS continues its support to the city of Zrenjanin


NIS continues its support to healthcare institutions in our country by procuring modern medical equipment for the needs of the General Hospital “Đorđe Joanović” and the Health Center “Dr. Boško Vrebalov” in Zrenjanin, worth more than 10.5 million dinars.

The support to Zrenjanin was realised through NIS’ corporate social responsibility programme “Together for the Community”, and the General Hospital and the Health Center in Zrenjanin received new equipment that will facilitate their work in improving reproductive health and supporting increased birth rates. The General Hospital “Đorđe Joanović” received a new modern ultrasound machine with three probes, which will not only increase the number of examined patients but also enhance the quality of prenatal monitoring for pregnant women in the Zrenjanin municipality, as well as improve the efficiency of preventive examinations in the region of this municipality.

The Health Center “Dr. Boško Vrebalov” was equipped with a state-of-the-art staining apparatus for pathohistological diagnostics, a microscope for cervical cell examination, two gynecological chairs suitable for persons with disabilities, as well as a CTG machine and sterilizer, which significantly contribute to the improvement of diagnostics and the quality of healthcare services for all patients from Zrenjanin and its surroundings.

On the occasion of the purchase of the new equipment, the General Hospital “Đorđe Joanović” in Zrenjanin was visited by Simo Salapura, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Vadim Smirnov, the Deputy CEO of NIS and Dr. Milan Miljuš, the Director of the Health Center “Dr. Boško Vrebalov”, accompanied by Dr. Igor Kitarescu, the Director of the General Hospital “Đorđe Joanović” in Zrenjanin.

Simo Salapura, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, expressed gratitude to NIS for the long-term cooperation and joint implementation of projects.

“NIS’s model of corporate social responsibility is commendable and something that all other companies should perhaps look up to. I believe that we will have even better cooperation in the future,” Salapura said.
Vadim Smirnov, the Deputy CEO of NIS, said that Zrenjanin is an important city for the company’s business and also a friendly city when it comes to implementing socially responsible projects.

“The slogan of our company is ‘Future in Action’. That future is our children and good healthcare, and it is quite natural and logical that we cooperate in that field,” Smirnov said.

Considering the increasing number of couples facing fertility issues, in an attempt to bring to life as many new hopes as possible, NIS provided financial support of 1.7 million dinars to the city of Zrenjanin to conduct a public call to support couples in the process of in vitro fertilisation. The competition for couples is still open, and they can find more information and application instructions on the website of the city of Zrenjanin or the following link: Public call for exercising the right to financial assistance for biomedically assisted fertilisation in the city of Zrenjanin | Zrenjanin (

“Together for the Community”, the leading corporate social responsibility programme of NIS, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. It is implemented in 13 partner cities and municipalities throughout Serbia, where NIS conducts the majority of its business activities. So far, more than 1,000 projects have been implemented through this programme, in which NIS has invested almost 1.6 billion dinars. This year, NIS will invest a record 144.5 million dinars within the “Together for the Community” programme to improve the educational process and infrastructure of primary and secondary school facilities. Part of the funds will also be directed towards the improvement of research and innovation capacities and infrastructure of scientific and research organisations and science and technology parks. More information about this year’s competition can be found on the NIS’ website at the following link:


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