NIS awarded scholarships to students of the University of Novi Sad


NIS has awarded new scholarships to the students of the University of Novi Sad who applied for scholarships within the competition of the Fund for Providing Scholarships and Facilitating Progress of Talented Students and Young Researches and Artists.

Five new NIS scholarship holders are Jelena Ćulibrk and Jelena Kovač from the Faculty of Technology, Department of Oil and Petrochemical Engineering and Dejan Dejanović, Miloš Aćimović and Milica Stojanović from the Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” Zrenjanin, Department of Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation.

Prof. Zoran Milošević, PhD, Secretary of the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research, has stated on this occasion that NIS is a company that greatly contributes to GDP and our development, thus showing how much it cares about the future.

“Today we are signing five contracts and that is an important message we are sending. In addition to scholarships, I hope and I am convinced that these young people can be included in the company’s work in the future, primarily in the development sector. This is a good example and an invitation to other companies to become a part of the project aimed at talented and extraordinary students”, Milošević stated.

Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS, has reminded that the company, in addition to granting scholarships, also tries to ensure job positions to the young experts.

“We see this as a synergy – not only that we are providing them scholarship, knowledge and competence, but we also ensuring their future. After two difficult years behind us in the pandemic and crises in the oil industry, our company has not given up on this program. We have neither cut the budgets for nor stopped cooperation with the faculties, and for that reason I am proud of us and on the strategic character of this program”, Smirnov said.

Milica Stojanović, a student of undergraduate academic studies at the Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, has said that the scholarship is a reward for her hard work and years of effort and that it motivates her and her colleagues to continue improving themselves and to become better-and-better every day.

Jelena Ćulibrk, a student of master academic studies at the Faculty of Technology, has stated that she and her colleagues need this scholarship to show that the effort they put, work and endeavor are appreciated, but also to be their motivation for some future higher goals.

“In this profession, we must want to explore, to be engaged in something great, since our profession is indeed a number of certain production processes, but then again, they are a very big challenge, too”, Jelena Ćulibrk has said.

NIS has been awarding scholarships through the Fund for Providing Scholarships for Talented Students of the University of Novi Sad since 2010. Scholarships are being awarded to the best students of the undergraduate academic studies and master academic studies. Cooperation with the Fund is carried out within the NIS program “Energy of Knowledge”. Up to this day, NIS has provided scholarships to over 60 students from Novi Sad faculties in fields of interest for the company’s business. In addition, with the support of NIS and owing the “Energy of Knowledge” program, a new course of studies “Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation” was accredited at the Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” Technical Faculty Zrenjanin. NIS also cooperates with the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, and some of the activities includes the improvement of curricula and activities in the Department of “Oil and Petrochemical Engineering”.


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