NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad – Activities in Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak and Spreading

In response to the outbreak and spreading of coronavirus (COVID-19) from China to other countries in the world, and especially delicate situation in Italy, NIS, as a company with more than 11 thousand employees, has raised the level of cautiousness and has taken some necessary steps and preventive measures.


NIS employees are informed in detail via internal portal and other company-level media of the symptoms and coronavirus protective measures. Recommendation have been given to avoid mass gatherings, busy places, and also clear instructions as to what to do in case of suspicion of being infected, i.e. to stay at home, and to wear facemasks.

In line with these coronavirus protective measures, the Company has issued the recommendation on postponing all business trips abroad until further notice. It has been suggested to avoid meeting and gathering of a large number of staffers, as well as to hold meetings via video conference. The employees have been notified that they may follow all the latest developments regarding coronavirus via website launched by the Serbian Ministry of Health and informed of the telephone number of the Ministry of Health: 064 894 52 35, as well as of the telephone numbers of local public health institutes.

Special measures have been applied in relevant organizational units of the Company, especially in Sales and Distribution Block, which incorporates all NIS petrol stations. Protective facemasks for the employees have been purchased, hygienic measures strengthened, hand disinfectants procured, and internal memo for all the employees sent. Clear communication and coordination has been established with HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) Function, and it assumes monitoring of the situation at both the company level and the level of subsidiaries, contractors and the third parties.

NIS, being a socially responsible company, will continue to adhere to all the recommendations issued by the competent public authorities and to monitor new developments regarding coronavirus outbreak and spreading, both in Serbia and in other countries.