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NIS Presented Gift Packages for First-Born Babies in 2023


Under the auspices of the national campaign “Let New Hopes be Born”, NIS Company, handed out 225 gift packages for first-born babies in 2023 in 15 maternity hospitals in Serbia. In the previous days, as a sign of welcome, 15 packages were handed over to 15 first-born girls and boys each in the maternity hospitals in the cities of Leskovac and Kruševac. These valuable gift packages, which contain products from local companies, as well as disposable diapers, were presented to the mothers by representatives of NIS Goran Stojilković, Deputy CEO of NIS in charge of Petrochemical Affairs and Stefan Despotović, Director of NIS Company’s Public Relations Centre.

The presentation of gifts in Leskovac was attended by Dr. Slađana Stojanović, head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the General Hospital in Leskovac and Goran Stojilković, while the presentation of gifts in Kruševac was attended by Dr. Blagoje Milovanović, head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics with Neonatology of the General Hospital in Kruševac and Stefan Despotović.

“I would like to thank NIS Company for the gift to the first-born babies. The gift packages that parents have received contain everything that babies need in the first days after leaving the hospital, and I think that every mother can be satisfied. This will mean a lot to the moms and they are already happy with the gifts. I thank the NIS Company for this beautiful project,” said Slađana Stojanović during the gift presentation.

Goran Stojilković, deputy CEO of NIS, thanked the maternity hospital in Leskovac for participating in the NIS campaign “Let New Hopes be Born”.

“We are implementing this campaign at the national level and the gynecology-obstetrics clinic in Leskovac is one of the 15 maternity hospitals that we will visit and where we will donate a total of 225 gift packages that we have prepared for first-born boys and girls. What is important is that we listen carefully and follow the needs of local communities, so this is one of the projects that NIS has been implementing since 2009, and in which we have invested a total of more than 4.2 billion dinars since then. We will continue to support the community in the coming years,” Goran Stojilković emphasized on this occasion.

Doctor Blagoje Milovanović thanked the NIS Company for the gifts that were presented to the Kruševac maternity hospital.

“Moms and babies are feeling well and calm, they will soon go home.” I want to thank you on their behalf and wish them all the best,” the head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and Neonatology of the Kruševac General Hospital said.

Stefan Despotović, director of the NIS Public Relations Center, also said that community support is one of the company’s priorities.

“Since 2009, the NIS Company has started a strategic program of rendering support to local communities throughout Serbia, and behind us are more than a thousand successful projects in which numerous hospitals, clinics, schools, children’s playgrounds were built and reconstructed. This year and last year, the focus was on support projects increasing the birth rate and reproductive health, and now we are in Kruševac precisely for this reason. Kruševac is one of 15 cities in Serbia where we distributed packages to first-born babies in 2023. “It gives me great pleasure to be here on behalf of the NIS Company, but also as a citizen of Kruševac, who brought this donation to his home city,” said Despotović.

The point that NIS Company was fully committed to the topic of improving reproductive health and increasing the birth rate in our country during 2022, is also evidenced by the fact that a total of 40 health institutions in more than 30 cities and municipalities in our country were supported within the campaign “May the New Hopes be Born”.

As a part of the socially responsible program “Common Cause Communities” alone, the company NIS donated 118.5 million dinars to 13 partner cities and municipalities in Serbia. The donated funds are directed to the purchase of modern equipment for 20 health institutions at all levels of health care that deal with reproductive health, as well as to co-finance the costs of couples who are in the process of in vitro fertilization. In addition, the company supported eight maternity hospitals in less developed municipalities in the south and east of Serbia, by providing funds for the purchase of necessary medical equipment for these institutions. In this way, NIS made its contribution to a topic of national importance – to give birth to as many new hopes as possible in the coming years.


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