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NIS signs "Equality Partnership"

NIS has signed the Equality Partnership of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, with a view to respect and apply the principles of equality and non-discrimination contained in the Code of Equality published by the Commissioner in 2017.

29 November 2019

The Partnership was signed on behalf of NIS by Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO and Director of the Function for Government Relations and Corporate Communications, in the presence of the Equality Protection Commissioner, Brankica Janković.

The signing ceremony was attended by members of the Supervisory and Executive Council of the Association for Gender Equality of NIS.

Brankica Janković, Commissioner for Equality Protection, expressed her satisfaction that NIS has joined other companies, which had signed the Partnership for Equality aimed to promote and respect the principles of equality, equal opportunities for work and employment of all citizens. Janković emphasized that NIS’s corporate programs are very incentive for employees of the company and that they open numerous opportunities for work on prevention of discrimination in the field of work and employment.

“The Office of the Commissioner will endeavour to support the work of the Association for Gender Equality of NIS in order to develop diverse and high-quality cooperation in the future,” Brankica Janković concluded.

Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS and Director of the Function for Government Relations and Corporate Communications spoke about the company’s activities in this realm.

“The topic of equality is very important for NIS, and it is supported by the fact that we actively pay attention to the position of employees through a range of activities, such as the payment of wages to employees on maternity leave, a day off for children in the first grade of elementary school, flexible working hours after return from maternity,” Smirnov stressed.

After signing the Partnership, members of the Association for Gender Equality of NIS talked with Brankica Janković about other forms of future cooperation in improving equality and position of employees in the company.