NIS invests EUR 15 million in development of filling station network in 2023


In 2023, NIS continued investing in the development of its retail network by commissioning four brand new and six refitted petrol stations in Serbia. Thus, the Company once again confirmed its status as a leader in the petroleum products market. Last year NIS total investment in the petrol station network amounted to 15 million euros.

The reconstruction of petrol stations Kosjerić, Brus, Blace, Bajmok, Vladičin Han and Ođaci under the NIS Petrol brand was carried out in accordance with the new A and XS formats. Three new format petrol stations were built: Bečej 2 and Valjevo 5 under the NIS Petrol brand and Sokolići 2 under the Gazprom brand, the second NIS station on the Miloš Veliki highway. Another petrol station was built in the town of Niš on a long-term leased plot.

The new filling stations offer Euro 5 fuel, a wide range of associated products, and high-quality branded G-Drive fuel. The modernisation process in 2023 also included the reorganisation of retail space and modernisation of interiors at the existing stations of the network: BIP and Avalski put stations at the roundabout in Belgrade’s Trošarina district and the Mali Požarevac, Nais, and Fontana stations on the Belgrade-Niš highway are all boasting the new upgraded look.

“Modernisation of the retail network is one of the key areas of our company’s development. By investing in petrol stations, we improve the quality of customer service and strengthen our leading position in the domestic market. Investments in further modernisation will remain our priority in the future,” said Andrey Tuchnin, First Deputy CEO of NIS.

The expansion of the range of consumer goods in the retail network remains a priority for NIS, with new products and services added in 2023. The Company also continues to invest in the development of innovative solutions, such as the Drive.Go mobile application for remote contactless payment, which is already used by more than 300,000 customers of the network in Serbia.


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