Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

NIS is committed to improving the employment conditions in Serbia through participation in the legislative process and active cooperation with the business community.

Through permanent cooperation with business associations, NIS exchanges knowledge, experiences, information and best business practices with the wider business community, identifies needs and opportunities for improving business conditions and contributes to the creation of a better business climate, which results in a broader and clearer understanding of the current business environment and more efficient development of the energy sector and the company itself.

In 2022, NIS again participated in the preparation of the White Book by the Council of Foreign Investors, where the company’s recommendations for the oil and gas sector, as well as recommendations on how to counteract illegal trade were included as part of measures to improve business conditions.

NIS reviews amendments to regulations, participates in public hearings, and takes part in the preparation of draft laws and by-laws that regulate the areas of environment, energy and finance, striving to contribute to regulatory activities as much as possible.

In 2022, NIS provided its input during the creation of a number of important regulations: Law on Amendments to the Law on Fiscalization, Law on Amendments to the Law on Electronic Invoicing, Law on Amendments to the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration, Law on Amendments to the Law on Republic Administrative Fees, Law on Amendments to the Law on taxes, the Law on Amendments to the Law on Value Added Tax, the Regulation on the conditions, manner and procedure for granting state-owned agricultural land for use for non-agricultural purposes and others.

NIS also carefully analysed the laws offered for public hearing. The most important ones were: Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Waste Management, Draft Law on Environmental Impact Assessment, Draft Law on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment and Draft Law on Management of Business Companies Owned by the Republic of Serbia.

NIS will keep working on the improvement of the business environment by participating in the law-making process and providing the best quality of goods and services for its clients.