Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

NIS ilustracija Nebojša Cvetković

Illustration author:

Nebojša Cvetković

In cooperation with business partners and state institutions, our company actively contributes to the fight against grey market and to the promotion of business atmosphere in Serbia. In addition, since 2009 to 2019, we paid in the Serbian budget almost EUR 12 billion on the base of taxes and other public revenues. We have given our contribution also in the adoption of a series of laws that have harmonized local regulations with international standards.

We participate actively in changes in the area of fuel marking and in the monitoring of petroleum product quality, since we believe that our consumers deserve only the best quality products, and that all market participants have the right to fair and even competition.

We believe that all our efforts have contributed to the achievement of our common goal, and that is free market with clear rules applicable to all the participants. In the forthcoming period, we will remain dedicated to constructive work on regulating business operation in this sector, not only in Serbia, but also in all markets we are present on. At the same time, we will endeavor to share our best business practices with our partners, convinced that the improvement of business climate is the best incentive for further progression of our company.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 12 selected objectives, formulated by the UN, that we are striving to attain, are represented in the young artists’ illustrations.

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