Responsible Consumption and Production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Investments in environmental projects and efforts to project the natural resources of Serbia remain our standing commitment.

Since 2009, NIS invested 900 million euros in environmental protection projects and projects that have a positive environmental impact. NIS demonstrates its commitment to the environment through its mission, vision, values and HSE policy making environmental activity and investments a strategic focus and daily practice. The implementation of environmental projects and projects with environmental impact has increased compliance with local regulations of the Republic of Serbia and improved the environmental management system within NIS. This had led to a positive trend in environmental indicators, including reduction in air and water emissions and the prevent of major accidents.

One of the company priorities is continuous modernization, not only to achieve financial results, but also to improve environmental conditions in Serbia. As part of the second stage of the Pancevo refinery modernization, NIS has successfully commissioned a delayed cookingunit, resulting in significant reductions in overall emissions, especially (particularly) emissions of sulphur compounds. According to the applicable environmental regulations, after the new unit had been put in operation NIS submitted all the necessary documentation for a new IPPC licence, which is expected to be obtained in 2023.

In addition, the focus was on the implementation of energy efficiency projects, aimed at reducing consumption and loss of energy resources (steam, gas, electricity). NIS continues implementing its green agenda by installing solar panels on eight of its filling stations in Serbia. In this way the company will save on power and decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 375 tons per year. This project also increases the share of renewable energy sources in the company’s portfolio. Another environmentally friendly effort (practice) is disposal of CO2 by injecting it in oil and gas wells. NIS constantly monitors monthly fuel consumption by the Pancevo refinery to reduce atmospheric emissions of pollutants, such as SO2, NOx and PM. To that end we exceedingly use natural gas as the primary fuel.

NIS invests a lot in occupational health and safety. For the second year in a row NIS won the national HSE Competition dedicated to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work organized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Social Affairs and Veterans Affairs. In 2022 the company adopted a new HSE policy. NIS increased the number of fire-fighters in its fire units. The company established connections with technical universities across Serbia to exchange knowledge and experience in the area of HSE. It also started working on the digitalization of HSE processes and set priority targets in this area. On the practical side, lost-time injury frequency rate decreased by 15% YoY.