Responsible Consumption and Production

Andrija Cugurovic ilustracija NIS

Illustration author:

Andrija Čugurović

Since 2009, we have invested more than EUR 3 billion in our company’s development. Thanks to these investments, NIS has grown from a local oil and gas company into one of the biggest energy systems in this part of Europe. Even with numerous changes in last decade, we remained committed to one goal – to make our work process run in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In addition to economic benefit, our projects assume responsible resource consumption, production that does not pollute environment and benefits for future generation. The goal that we strive to is an ambitious one – work processes with zero injuries and adverse effects to the environment.

In compliance with that, our capital development projects mean modernization with further improvement of environmental protection. One of such projects is the “Bottom of the Barrel” project in Pancevo Oil Refinery, worth EUR 300 million. The construction of new units will enable our company to produce larger volumes of best-quality fuels, but also the new product – petroleum coke. Thus we will additionally contribute to the energy stability of Serbia, having in mind that coke has, so far, been imported in our country.

At the same time, Bottom of the Barrel will mean the termination of the production of mazut with high Sulphur contents, which will improve the environmental picture of the entire country. In addition, this will contribute to the fulfillment of Serbia’s international obligations related to the reduction of Sulphur percentage in liquid fuels. In our future work, we will be lead by the belief that the success of our company is complete only if it contributes to the community as a whole.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 12 selected objectives, formulated by the UN, that we are striving to attain, are represented in the young artists’ illustrations.

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