Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Our success would be incomplete without helping the community. This is why, since 2009 the company has implemented a large number of social responsibility projects and has invested over 4.9 billion dinars in the development of the local communities.

In 2022, NIS continued its strong support for community development, by investing in in socially responsible projects and support to professional sport. In the past year, 360 million dinars were invested in these areas, with the total investment of 4.9 billion since 2009. The companys dedication and contribution to the community did not go unnoticed. The award ceremony took place in the Belgrade City Assembly.

NIS carefully monitors the needs of local communities and has kept up the Common Cause Community program in cooperation with partner towns and villages throughout Serbia for 14 years now. By the implementation of this program, NIS has invested more than 1.5 billion dinars so far in improving the quality of living conditions for the citizens of Serbia through more than 1,000 realized projects.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and great commitment of the Company’s employees, members of the NIS Volunteer Club, other actions were also implemented, aimed at supporting various initiatives, with a special focus on ecology and environmental protection.

In order to educate the youngest members of our community about the importance of preserving a healthy environment as one of the main goals of sustainable development, NIS, in cooperation with the Association Cap to a Smile, realized the educational cycle of workshops Ecological education, healthy growing up! for more than 450 students of primary schools from Niš, Kikinda, Kovilja, Čačak and Belgrade. The workshops included interactive lectures on recycling and engaging creative activities conducted by the Volunteer Club members. Additionally NIS firefighters delivered a lecture on fire protection and prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning to high school students in Kikinda.

In 2022, NIS hosted a volunteer competition called “Change your environment”. Our volunteers cleared up a part of the embankment in Bačka Palanka within the Tikvara Nature Park, held the campaign “Let’s beautify our village together” in Banatsko Veliko Selo, where they cleaned up the local park and planted new trees, also decorated the new sports and recreation centre in Kula with maple seedlings. NIS volunteers also contributed to the beautification of the Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Zvečanska street. Added greenery and replanted the medicinal herb garden, and conducted recycling workshops for children. They also held a workshop to teach children about recycling. The volunteer club also refitted the park in Block 21 of Novi Beograd: installed new park furniture, planted new trees, and together with the graduates of the nearby Mijhailo Pupin Grammar School painted the fence between the park and the school yard.

NIS remains a reliable supporter to the most vulnerable categories of the society. Within the framework of its cooperation with the organization SOS Children’s Villages Serbia, NIS held a cycle of workshops aimed at empowering and educating young people from socially disadvantaged communities, so that they could prepare to enter the job market.

NIS also helped refit the facilities of the Disabled Sports Association in the Ada Ciganlia area of Belgrade.

In 2022, NIS sponsored over 30 projects, maintaining its strong partnerships with long-term collaborators. The company continued its support to the Basketball Club “Partizan” in sport, the “Belgrade Dance Festival” in the cultural domain, and the “Festival of Science” in scientific field. NIS attaches particular significance to youth sports and nurturing future champions.