Responsibility in business operation

Our goal is to contribute to economic development, better environmental protection, occupational health, human resource development and the well-being of the community.

In 2022, NIS demonstrated its social responsibility throught its efforts to maintain reliable fuel supply to the Serbian market despite challenging circumstances. Another priority was to preserve social stability of the company’s employees as its most important resource. The company successfully achieved both goals, with supply to the market reaching record levels, selling over 4.3 milion tons of fuel. NIS also put in operation the Pancevo Power Plant, which now supplies electricity to the national grid. This is another contribution NIS and its partners made to Serbia’s energy stability. As a response to the growing living cost last year NIS offered additional bonuses and salary raises to its employees.

Simultaneously, the company continues to improve its business processes, thus contributing to the development of Serbian business. NIS invested 22.1 billion dinars in capital projects, which is 9% increase compared to the previous year. The company also remained a reliable source of income for its stakeholders, having paid out 5.78 billion dinars in 2021. NIS paid 251.25 billion dinars in taxes and other fees.

Another way the company demonstrates its social responsibility is by continuously investing in the development of its employee’s eneabling them to resopond the challenges of the modern business environment. NIS organized the total of 95,879 hours of training held by external providers. The total of 4,407 employees attended. Another 8,065 hours were spent on in-house trainings. Owing to its care for its team, NIS was named the most popular Serbian employer according to the employment platform for the second time in a row.

NIS also places emphasis on environmental protection and health and safety. In 2022 the company invested RSD 314.6 million in environmental protection projects, a figure that would be significantly higher if it included investments with secondary environmental benefits. NIS works on improving energy efficiency, expanding its renewables portfolio by increasing the share of renewable in auxiliary consumption and installing solar panels on its filling stations, and implementing CO2 disposal projects. Through the implementation of environmental projects and initiatives with environmental impact, the level of compliance with the requirements of the legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia has been raised and the environmental management system in the organization improved. This resulted in an upward trend of environmental indicators in 2022 (reduction of emission to air and water events).

Occupational safety remains a priority for NIS. For the second year in a row the company won the national HSE Competition dedicated to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work organized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Social Affairs and Veterans Affairs. In practical terms, the lost-time injury frequency rate decreased by 15% YoY.

Traditionally, the company invests a lot in supporting the local community and professional sport. In 2022, these investments reached 360 million dinars. The priority was our Let New Hopes be Born campaign dedicated to supporting the national goal of increasing the birth rate and improving reproductive health in the country. NIS donated state-of-the-art medical equipment to the total of 40 health institutions in more than 30 cities and municipalities in our country. The company also provided financing to some local governments so that they can subsidize the in-vitro fertilization process for couples.